I Have Been Suffering With Dry And Irritated Bumps On My Vagina For The Past 6 Months. Kindly Suggest Some Home Remedies.

Dry and irritated bumps or boils can be caused due to various reasons such as wearing ill fitting undergarments, abraded pubic hair or heat boils. It is important to understand the root cause to render appropriate treatment. Wearing comfortable cotton undergarments provide comfort while sitting and walking. The vagina is susceptible to getting moist and it is important to keep this area dry by regularly using cleansing wipes or absorbent panty liners. It is advisable to use cotton pads instead of cleansing wipes because alcohol content in wet tissues can also cause skin irritation to sensitive skin. Changing undergarments often or as required is also a good way to maintain adequate personal hygiene.

Shaving your pubic hair can also cause dry and irritated bumps. Incorrect shaving methods, quality of razor and treatment of skin can damage the hair growth and skin condition. Pubic hair should be trimmed to a short length to avoid abraded hair and adverse skin conditions caused due to friction. Heat boils are caused due to weather changes and are a common occurrence during summer. Beat the heat with cooling solutions such as applying a paste of sandalwood powder and rose water to cleanse and soothe the dry areas. Applying cucumber juice is also an effective natural remedy to soothe the skin and avoid dryness. Applying buttermilk or yoghurt on affected areas and then rinsing it with cold water is also an ideal way to reduce irritation and dryness. Shower twice a day and pat the vaginal area completely dry with a paper towel. Epsom salts baths at least twice a week can also benefit skin condition. Apply coconut oil or almond oil over affected area after a bath to soothe the skin and relieve dryness.

Drinking eight to ten glasses of water a day will help flush toxins and improve overall skin condition. It is also important to reduce intake of fried foods, spicy foods and stimulants such as tea, coffee or alcohol to improve general skin health. Sugars, sweets, refined foods and junk foods must also be avoided. Fruit juice, raw salads and steamed foods should be included in regular diet until condition improves. Avoid use of deodorants or vaginal douches. Deodorants and douches may contain ingredients that may adversely affect or aggravate a sensitive skin. Avoid tight fitting clothes that restrict free flow of air and movement. Keep the vaginal area clean and dry at all times and if this condition persists, visit a gynecologist as this could be a more serious condition.

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If you are suffering from dry and irritated bumps in your vagina, the first thing you need is a medical consultation. Only if you are properly examined by a doctor will you be able to figure out what exactly is wrong with you. The description you have provided could be anything from abraded pubic hair causing these bumps to heat boils or some sort of reaction to whatever you may be wearing. Only a doctor can examine and accurately determine the exact nature of these bumps. If you cannot go to a doctor for whatever reason, you should try some easy remedies and work at it till you figure out what is bothering you enough to cause these bumps. The first thing to do is to stop wearing synthetic clothing for a while. This would be especially true of underwear. You should stick to cotton, as this is a completely natural fabric which will react least negatively with your body. It will also allow your body to breathe better and eliminate the possibility of trapping sweat and dirt in to cause bumps like this. You should also make it a rule to change your underwear at least twice a day as a precautionary measure.

It could be that you have excessively long pubic hair which is being abraded with the constant movement and activity of walking and moving about. If this is the case, you need to keep your hair trimmed to a very short length. If you can, remove it altogether. This is always a more hygienic method to prevent any kind of reaction. If your problem was with pubic hair, then it will go away over a period of time, once you have managed to cut your hair short. Another possible reason for the bumps described by you could be that you are suffering from heat boils. If this is the case, you can apply cooling yogurt to the area twice a day for about three days. This should take care of the problem. Alternately, you can also apply a paste made with sandalwood and rose water; this will also help to heal your bumps. You should also try to avoid eating spicy and hot food for a few days and see if this makes a difference. If you are suffering from dry skin and this is resulting in bumps, you can also try to keep your skin moisturized in the general area.

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