What can be added to tub water to soothe dry, itchy skin?

Dry skin is typical of adolescents. Creams and lotions are used to moisturize the skin. Soaps generally have the tendency to drain the skin of all its moisture. The suppleness of the skin is lost. Genetically dry skin proves to be a wreck, as permanent remedy is unavailable. There are many ingredients available at home to make the skin smooth and supple. Frits, such as banana, papaya and peaches can be applied as a face pack. Circular movement in the upward direction is preferred. Oily creams, after the face packs admits moisture retention. Ample vitamin supplementation (especially vitamin E, A and C) is recommended. Honey, curd, milk cream, rosewater and olive oil are essential ingredients of a good face pack for dry skin. Steaming and a daily facial massage works effectively in absorbing and retaining moisture. Adequate hydration with fruit juices and water helps. Application of gram flour paste, made with cream of milk is an effective remedy for dry skin. Exfoliating the dead skin with oatmeal proves beneficial. Herbal tea made with dandelion, borage, chamomile or marshmallow have therapeutic properties. This helps in bringing about certain physiological changes.

answered by Dr C

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