I have major ingrown hairs on my legs resulting from an exfoliating soap. How do I calm the red blotchy and itchy skin?

Development of small red bumps at the end of the follicles is referred to as razor bumps. Shaving the hair in a particular angle results in curling of the hair and growing towards inside. It penetrates the skin and results in infection. It results in swelling and is painful. It is also referred to as pseudofolliculitis barbae. Razor bumps are avoided by proper shaving techniques. Apply a good shaving cream and allow it for some time. Avoid shaving the same area, more than twice. This is especially done for getting a closer shave. Abstain from shaving everyday, for closer shave. Electric shavers are slightly better. Moisten the beard with warm water. This helps in attaining a softer shave. Avoid shaving against the grain. Consider applying anti microbial ointment. The razor is dipped in alcohol, before and after use. This protects the razor from infection. A mixture of salicylic acid and witch hazel helps in dissolving the skin above ingrown hair. Tweezers are helpful in pulling out the hair that curls towards inside. Waxing is an effective technique for hair removal from legs and hands, as it thins the hair and prevents razor bumps. Do not rub the bumps, as it is contagious.

answered by Dr C

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