I just took my 3 month old daughter to the Dr., and they told me she has RSV. What can I do other than using the nebulizer they gave me?

Respiratory Syncytial virus can cause major respiratory illnesses in children. Although the virus can attack adults as well symptoms can cause major difficulty in breathing and wheezing in small children. RSV can cause an infection of the lungs, respiratory passages, and breathing passages. In adults, the symptoms are of a minor cold like a choked or runny nose, painful and tender throat, headaches, and fevers. RSV is highly contagious so adult and school going children can easily carry the infection to infants. There is no treatment for the RSV infection just like the common cold. Your doctor has given you a nebulizer which will help dilate the respiratory passages and help in breathing. Please do use it. Other than that here are a few ways to make your baby comfortable.

  • Raise your baby's head with the help of a pillow. This helps to unblock the nostrils and helps him breathe comfortably.
  • Run your bath water as hot as possible and you sit with your baby in the bathroom with the water running. The humid vapors act as a steam inhalation and clear up the mucus membranes and soothe the respiratory tract.
Use a saline solution in his nose to soften the mucus and aspirate the mucus after a few minutes with a plastic bulb. Babies hate this so be prepared for some terrific wailing. It really makes them comfortable afterwards though.

answered by A S

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