What is the best thing to help an infant who has RSV? My child is not eating much or using the bathroom as much as she should.

Treatment for RSV (the common abbreviation for human respiratory syncytial virus, which I assume you are referring to) primarily involves easing the child's discomfort by treating the symptoms, and preventing the infection from getting out of hand. Apart from this, you need to let the disease take its natural course. The duration of the infection is usually no longer than 14 days.

Meanwhile, you should ensure that your child has a sufficient intake of fluids. If your child is not urinating enough, this might indicate some level of dehydration. You can also use a humidifier or saline nasal drops to clear her blocked nose. As with adults, steam helps clear the nasal passages of music, so if possible, fill up your bathroom with steam and take your child in for a few minutes. RSV tends to affect the appetite, so this is normal. Try feeding your daughter smaller amounts of food at regular intervals.

For most infants, RSV is mild and does not require hospitalization. If your child seems to have severe difficulty breathing or appears to have a bluish tinge to her skin, you should take her to a doctor immediately. Also, do not use over the counter medicines in case symptoms of a fever appear.

answered by G M

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