Remedies for pain in right abdominal lower back last at least 30min or longer

Abdominal pain is the pain caused by any condition that affects organs in the abdominal cavity. These organs include the liver, stomach, intestine, gall bladder, pancreas, and kidney. Organs near the abdominal cavity such as the lower lungs, uterus, and kidneys may also cause abdominal pain. Abdominal pain can be mild to severe depending on the severity of the organ affected. Abdominal pain can be a stabbing pain, burning sensation, heartburn, or dull throb.

Abdominal pain could also be a result of inflammation, swelling or stretching of some organ. It may also be due to loss of supply of blood to some organ. Sometimes abdominal pain can also be caused when there is no inflammation to any organ and no loss of supply of blood to any organ. One such condition is known as irritable bowel syndrome. Abdominal pain and lower back pain are often related and very common among most people.

Irritable bowel syndrome results from some problem in the digestive system. Possible causes may also include gallstones, kidney stones, gastritis, appendicitis, chronic constipation, indigestion, ulcers, intestinal infection, heartburn and others. Sometimes lower back and abdominal pain may happen at the same time.

Right abdominal back pain causes include appendicitis. If you have fever, it may suggest there is inflammation inside in your abdominal cavity. Bleeding or diarrhea may suggest intestinal infection. If you experience right abdominal back pain, you should get yourself checked for appendicitis. The right abdominal back pain may start as a vague and uncomfortable feeling around your waist. If left unnoticed for long, you may also get fever or inflammation. Finding tenderness and signs of inflammation in the lower abdomen may mean the appendicitis has progressed and an abscess has been formed.

Appendicitis means inflammation of appendicitis. If the right abdominal back pain persists and if you think that it may be due to some serious problem, you should consult a physician. Applying a heating pad or soaking in a hot water tub may give some relief from the right abdominal back pain. If it becomes severe, the doctor may advise you not to eat anything till the cause of the pain is known. The doctor's treatment will depend on the diagnosis of what is causing abdominal pain. The patient may be given IV fluids and the doctor may ask patient not to eat or drink anything till the time the exact cause is known.

If you know that ulcers are causing abdominal pain, you should avoid nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol. If the pain is a result of intestinal infection or gastritis, you should avoid fatty, fried, and unhealthy foods. The characteristics of the pain such as the timing, duration, and location are very important clues in determining the cause. Persistent abdominal pain should be evaluated by the doctor immediately.

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There can be many reasons for abdominal pain ranging from plain old gas to appendicitis to irregular menstruation to constipation.

The unadorned fact is that there are so many organs jammed in to the abdominal cavity that it's difficult to make an accurate diagnosis without a through examination. But what you can do is eliminate the most common causes of right abdominal lower back pain like,

  • Appendicitis can cause severe right lower abdominal pain which will persistently increase. This may be accompanied by fever, vomiting, and even difficulty in walking. Try taking a small jump. Jumping will immediately exacerbate the pain of an inflamed appendix.
  • Pancreatitis can cause sever radiating back pain which spreads to the back and sides. Pain will exponentially increase after a heavy meal.
  • Perforated stomach ulcers will cause sharp radiating pains which spread all over the abdominal region.
  • Ectopic pregnancies which can cause only lower abdominal pain without pain and fever.
  • Constipation which can cause bloating, hard dry stools cramps, and stomach discomfort.

Although abdominal pain can be blamed easily on the stomach any organ in the abdominal cavity can cause pain. My sincere advice is: if it's that painful pleas get a complete physical examination done immediately to catch any problem early on.

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