I have a thin white discharge is this BV?

To have a thin vaginal discharge is completely normal. Some glands in the cervix and vagina of women produce small amounts of fluid which helps to keep the vagina clean and healthy. This fluid is daily secreted from the vagina which also carries the old cells in the lining of the vagina along with it. This discharge doesn't have any off odor and is clear or milky in color. The color, consistency and thickness depend largely on the changes in ones monthly cycle. This discharge is thicker and milky generally when you ovulate, or when you breastfeed or when you are sexually exited.

If you get a grayish, whitish or yellowish vaginal discharge with a fishy odor (very strong after a sexual act or washing the vagina with soap) it could be BV that is bacterial vaginosis. Also look for other symptoms like swelling or redness of the vulva or vagina and burning or itching feeling.

answered by S P

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