how to get rid of coughing due to sinus drainage

A wonderful folk remedy that finds its use even today in modern kitchens is the use of honey as a safe and effective remedy for cough and sinus related issues. Blended with other herbs it is a powerful and potent fighter against the symptoms of cough and also a great soother of the throat and sinus.

There is an amazing concoction for relieving cough and although one must be must warned it is not pleasant to the taste. Its benefits however far outweigh the palate and have been noted by many who have claimed to been cured of the irritating cough. This preparation not only soothes your tired throat from coughing, it also relieves the chest from congestion and the phlegm.

In a glass container add a quarter teaspoon cayenne pepper, a quarter teaspoon of dry or fresh ground ginger, a generous heaped tablespoon of honey, a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons of water. This mix should be thoroughly blended. A tablespoon of this must be had three to four times a day for over three weeks. It is guaranteed to banish the sleepless nights from coughing.

All individual herbs in this mix have strong characteristics. Take the properties of ginger. Also known as a natural antihistamine, amongst herbalists, this spice is best used during colds to relive chest congestion. Cayenne on the other hand is warm and stimulating and is a good solution for easing colds, chills. It is also known to reduce the effect of pain. Vinegar too has many medicative uses while honey eliminates pus and toxins from wounds.

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