Qwhats good for sinus cold

Sinusitis is a condition that can leave you sneezing incessantly and feeling as miserable as possible. Sinusitis leaves the cavities around your nose and mouth filled with mucous. This is usually caused because of an infection that you might have.

The first thing to do is to clear your cavities. For this you can either try out the simple method of standing under a hot water shower. This will help clear your sinuses. Inhaling steams is another version of the same remedy. Simply lean over a pot of boiling water and breathe in. adding a drop of eucalyptus oil will also help clear your sinus cavities. A simple remedy for a stuffy nose is breathing in deeply the steam from a hot drink. Drink plenty of hot drinks and you can add the spices with a heavy hand. Peel an onion and hold it whole, under your nose. You will find that this helps to decongest the chest. You can also drink at least three large glasses of Apple Cider V vinegar since this helps thin the mucous in your nose.

Remember to raise your head using a couple of pillows, when you go to bed. This will help the sinus clear up and make it easier for you to breathe.

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