What does a gall bladder flush do and how to do it?

Gallbladder flushing is a method of flushing stones from liver and gallbladder. This is the most effective treatment for removing gallstones. If not treated properly, it can result in fatal liver diseases and can be life threatening.

Follow the below mentioned five days plan to flush gallstones from the gallbladder:

  • For continuous 5 days, drink one pint of apple juice throughout the day. Apple juice aids in softening the cholesterol stones.
  • Skip your evening meal on the fifth day.
  • Instead of your evening meal, drink a mixture of ¼ pint of water and 1 tsp of Epsom Salt at 6:00 PM, 1 tsp again of Epsom Salt at 8:00 PM and a mixture of ¼ pint of lemon juice and ¼ pint of olive oil at 10:00 PM. Epsom salts helps in loosening bowels and olive oil aids in squeezing and contracting gallbladder which eventually releases bile and stones. Lemon juice helps in balancing the pH and reduces the possibility of vomiting.
  • Go to bed and for the next two to three days, sieve your stools and check for green jelly like masses.

All the body organs have a 2 hour slot when they are at their strongest and most active. The Gall Bladder has a slot between 11 p.m. to 1 am. Most of the patients go Gallbladder flush in order to prevent gallbladder surgery.

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