Ocular migraine home remedies

Ocular migraine, also known as acephalgic migraine, is a migraine that causes pain around the eyes due to involvement of blood vessels and reduced circulation of blood to the brain. This kind of migraine is most commonly found in young adults and occurs in the form of visual disturbances that last to about 15-20 minutes.

Key causes of ocular migraine are depression, weather change, intense headache, eyestrain, food allergy and prolonged exposure to sunlight. Individuals suffering from ocular migraines are often found with symptoms of nausea, loss of vision in one eye, sensitivity to light and fatigue. This migraine also interferes with the daily routine of the individual making him inactive, weak and visually disable.

The best cure for ocular migraine is consumption of a nutritious diet and regular exercise. There are various migraine trigger foods that contribute to the causes of migraines and some are migraine fighting foods that help fight headaches and relive pain. Cheese, alcohol, preservatives, chocolates, avocados, meat, liver, hydrolyzed protein, nut, yeast, soy beans, green beans and broad bean pods are foods that stimulate the causes of migraine. Cut down consumption of foods containing tyramine. Limit foods such as licorice, mushrooms, salty foods, rhubarb, snails, citrus fruits, ripe avocado, buttermilk, fresh raspberries and onions. Eat plenty of fish, fish oil, spinach, broccoli, oatmeal, garlic, cayenne, peppermint and ginger to fight migraine.

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