what treatments are available for overeating?

Maybe you need to change your focus and assume that overeating is not really the main concern here but what is leading you to overeat. If you get rid of that problem, overeating will stop. Binge eating has been linked mostly to psychological reasons other than biological, genetic, emotional, social and environmental reasons too. It would be best to use a holistic approach to the problem. There isn't any medication as such to tackle overeating. You need to undergo a plan that includes dietary and nutritional information, counseling and so on. If you are depressed about something, talk to your family and friends. Take time out from your stressful schedule. Cultivate a hobby if you are lonely. Do you sit with a packet of chips when you watch TV? Replace the packet with salad. It will keep your stomach full and would be healthy. Are you trying to quit smoking or drinking? You can opt for sugar free chewing gum or suck on a piece of clove or cardamom to feel comfortable. These last in your mouth for a long time and you wouldn't feel the urge to eat for a while.

It's a known fact that when you start eating your appetite lasts for 20 minutes. So whatever you eat, eat it slowly. Make it last for 20 minutes. You can also drink a tall glass of warm water about 15 minutes before you eat. Warm water is filling and suppresses hunger to an extent. As far as your diet is concerned, apart from the above mentioned, you can also include fibrous foods in your platter. Fiber satisfies appetite much quicker and makes you feel full for a long time. Fibrous foods are fruits, whole grain products and vegetables. Banana, orange, prune, apple, berries, raisin, and fig are some fibrous fruits while green and leafy veggies like lettuce, cabbage and spinach, carrots, radish and corn are vegetables you can opt for. But then again, make sure you gradually include fibrous food in your diet because a lot of it at once can give you gas or diarrhea. Regular exercise would be another very good idea for you. Not only does it regulate your hunger but also makes your feel better emotionally and mentally. Drink lots of water or juices, another way to keep you full and nourished and avoid binging.

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While it is the sensible approach to eat only as much as is easily digestible by your system, sometimes, people eat well more than their capacity. This leads to a feeling of being stuffed. There are two kinds of over-eating. One is of an intermittent nature and occurs usually on special occasions when you may be faced with a number of your favorite foods. You should be careful when eating and control yourself because you could be faced with a number of problems such as acidity, painful bowel movement, and obesity. If you are suffering from acidity, you should increase your intake of yoghurt. You should also drink a glass of cold milk or eat some vanilla ice-cream. Drink mint juice before meals to control acidity.

The second type of over-eating is an emotional reaction to a psychological problem such as anxiety or depression. This is usually known as comfort eating or binge eating and a person suffering from this condition usually eats to the point of physical discomfort to alleviate these feelings. However, eating provides only a temporary reprieve from their negative feelings and is usually followed by feelings of guilt and self-disgust which only add to the original problem. If you feel that you have compulsive over-eating disorder, ensure that you seek medical advice at once. Working with a support group can also help improve your condition.

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