Remedies for lumps on anus

Formation of lumps on anus is definitely a consequence of piles or hemorrhoids. Anal cushions develop some kind of swelling in the external areas around the anus. This swelling is known as external piles. They cause painless bleeding and may lead to the formation of one or more lumps on the anus. These lumps are characterized with the presence of blood vessels and blood.

Lumps can also be caused due to sentinel pile that results when a crack in the anus heals. You can also experience formation of lumps on anus when suffering from peri-anal haematoma, collection of blood under the skin. Whether the formation of lumps is due to external piles, sentinel piles or peri-anal haematoma, all are different types of piles and their treatment is slightly different from actual piles. External piles can be painful and lead to further health defects especially in case of women if not treated on time.

You can try out some home remedies to get rid of the pain and relieve lumps. Dry figs soaked in water are beneficial for external piles. You can even try mango seeds dried in the shade and powdered. Mix this powdered form with honey and eat the mixture at least twice a say. Black berry, white radish, turnip, bitter gourd, ginger, onion, buttermilk, spinach and carrots are all beneficial for treating lumps.

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