I just want to know how I can get rid of boils. It seems I am being over taken by them.

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If you say that boils have overtaken you, then it's high time, that you should be considerable and take actions to treat boils. There are many effective cures for treating boils. Here are some of the most effective natural cures for boils:

  • Garlic and Onions can never be beaten by any other remedy for curing boils. These are the best remedies that can help in drawing out pus from the boil and alleviate pain.
  • Bitter gourd is an excellent treatment for boils.
  • A mixture of bitter gourd juice and lime juice is also an effective cure for boils. Drink the mixture on an empty stomach.
  • Application of Turmeric Powder on the affected skin area is also useful for treating boils.
  • If any of your boils are fresh, then you can treat them with dry roots of turmeric. Roast dry roots and dissolve the ashes in a glassful of water. This will form a paste. Apply this prepared paste on the fresh boils.
  • Crushed parsley is also useful for the purpose.
  • Bread piece soaked in lemon juice also helps in treating boils.
  • A mixture of cream, vinegar and turmeric powder is also a good cure for treating boils.
  • Take a cupful of water and blend ground cumin seeds in it. Apply the mixture on the infected boils.

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