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Your question is incomplete and vague. Did you mean ways to detoxify the system? Building up of toxin in the body is mostly due to improper eating habits and poor lifestyle. Modifications in the lifestyle with adherence to a strict dietary regimen are vital for toxin removal from the body. Complications begin in all parts of the body, due to accumulation of wastes, over the years.

Detoxification technique depends on the severity of the infection and degree of waste accumulation in the body. Strengthening and replenishing the system with techniques, such as meditation, yoga and healthy diet is necessary. Keeping the body warm during the process of detoxification is of great help. Natural foods, such as vegetables and fruits, play a vital role in toxin removal. Fasting is an effective method of detoxification, which provides rest to the body and the various organs.

Avoidance of substances that cause toxin build up, such as smoking, saturated fats, refined sugars, coffee and alcohol. Adequate intake of water and other liquids, in the form of fresh vegetable and fruit juices, tender coconut water and barley water is recommended. Lead a stress free life, by deep breathing exercises. Visit your physician for professional help.

answered by Dr C

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