Natural Blood Thinner To Prevent Mini Strokes

A stroke is a condition in which the brain begins to cease its functioning rapidly. This loss of functioning is often caused by the lack of blood supply to the brain. If for any reason, the brain is unable to receive a regular supply of blood, it can cause a stroke. This lack of blood can be due to various factors like thrombosis, a condition in which a blood clot forms inside the blood vessel, or embolism, when an object in the blood is removed from one part of the body and is deposited in another part because of the circulation of blood. A hemorrhage in the brain can also cause a disruption in the flow of blood to the brain.

The lack of blood causes a disruption in the regular functioning of the brain and could lead to paralysis or other physical and mental disabilities. To keep the blood flowing to the brain, sometimes the blood density has to be lessened. This can prevent the formation of clots and hemorrhages that disrupt the flow of blood. While there are several medicines that can thin our blood like aspirin, these may have severe and long lasting side effects. Fortunately, there are also naturally available substances that thin our blood without causing any harmful side effects. These natural substances decrease the inflammation in the blood and cause it to flow more freely.

Here are some of these natural blood thinners:
  • Fish Oil - Fish oil is one of the most nutritious fats available. It is in fact the richest source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids that help in maintaining the health of the heart. Today, even doctors are recommending fish oils to reduce cholesterol and keep your heart healthy. There are two types of Omega 3 Fatty Acids that are considered to be most therapeutic. These fatty acids are known as DHA and EPA. Both of these fatty acids help in decreasing the blood density, providing several benefits to the heart.
  • Ginger - The extract taken from the roots of ginger is a common household ingredient. Apart from increasing the flavor of the food, ginger is considered to be excellent for improving digestion. Recently it's more therapeutic properties have come to light. Ginger juice helps in lowering cholesterol of the blood. It also helps in relaxing the blood vessels and thinning the blood to promote regular blood flow throughout the body.
  • There are also some herbs like thyme, paprika, cinnamon, dill, cayenne pepper, oregano, licorice turmeric and peppermint that have a high amount of salicylates. Salicylates also help in reducing the density and inflammation of the blood.

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A change in your lifestyle is very important to prevent a stroke. Basic changes in your diet will also benefit you in the long run. Some of best remedies include the consumption of carrots. These have been found very effective when hit by a stroke. Eating carrots five or more times a week can reduce the risk of a stroke drastically. Spinach is another vegetable that is highly beneficial. Carrots and spinach are said contain beta-carotene. These carotene-rich vegetables help fight the stroke due to their antioxidant properties. Other foods rich in beta-carotene, besides carrots and spinach, are orange colored vegetables and dark green leafy vegetables, fruits such as pumpkin, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, papayas, oranges, mangoes and melon. Oranges too contain the necessary properties to thin the blood. Pomegranate can also be used to cure a heart stroke. If your heartbeat increases, you could take some pomegranate leaves and put them into ten times the quantity of water. Grind these leaves in the water, strain the suspension and then drink the filtrate you get. This makes your heart stronger and will normalize the heartbeats.

Hawthorn berry is considered one of the best herbs for preventing strokes. It is known to boost the health of the circulatory system, help combat high blood pressure, congestive heart failure and also strengthens the walls of the heart. It is highly effective in treating the early stages of heart diseases. It prevents blood clots and lowers cholesterol. To get relief from chest pains you should take 100 ml of ginger juice and add a little honey. Licking this juice once a day will improve your condition steadily. Honey has excellent properties to prevent all sorts of heart disease. It tones up your heart and improves its circulation. It is also effective in palpitation of the heart and cardiac pain. 1-tablespoonful daily after food is enough to prevent all sorts of heart troubles. Garlic is another effective remedy to help thin your blood. 2-3 pieces of garlic in boiled milk can help reverse the damage to arteries and also help heal them. Having a glass of beet juice daily is an effective therapy for heart ailments. It is important for you to take proper bed rest if you are hit by a stroke. All forms of stress and excitement should be avoided. Coffee, tea, frozen foods, white flour products, alcohol and smoking should also be avoided. You should also include some sort of physical activity in your routine.

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Remedy for strokes

There are a variety of natural blood thinners that are easily available in every home. However, there is no conclusive evidence to state that they will provide barriers against mini strokes. One of the most popular and effective natural blood thinners is considered to be red wine. A 30 ml drink every day is said to go a long way towards avoiding heart trouble as it keeps the blood thin and avoids the risk of strokes and heart attacks. Fish oil is also considered to be an effective blood thinner. It can be had in capsule form, or fresh fish can be included in your daily diet. The results will be about the same if you do not already have a heart condition.

Spicy vegetables such as ginger, garlic and onion also work towards keeping your blood thin and will help reduce heart disease. These should be included in cooking on a daily basis if possible. It is also important to include a dose daily exercise in your routine as this will also help in keeping your blood thin and will prevent the buildup of cholesterol. Try to include fruits like pomegranate and citrus fruits in your daily diet, as these are also considered to be helpful in thinning blood.

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