What is a natural diuretic

Information on Natural Diuretic

Natural diuretics are those that aid in the increased urine output. This enhances the elimination of fluids from the body. Certain minerals and vitamins are also lost. Supplementation of these nutrients, along with the electrolytes is vital. Diuretics are generally required by individuals with water retention or oedema. Oedema occurs due to various reasons, such as deficiency of amino acids, inadequate protein and excessive sugar and salt in the diet.

Individuals with hypertension and cardiac problems are also prescribed diuretics. Those interested in weight loss are also given under medical attention. Certain complications associated with diuretic usage are potassium deficiency and dehydration.

Age old diuretic used across is green tea. Apple cider vinegar exhibits properties of natural diuretics, with regulation of potassium levels. Dandelion tea decoction is helpful as a diuretic and is protective against urinary tract infections and cystitis. Fennel, used for seasoning purposes, is also a diuretic. Nettle and juice of cranberry are also equally affective in cleansing the body by elimination of waste fluids. Asparagus, cabbage, oats, Brussels sprouts, lettuce, tomatoes, garlic, carrots and beets are natural diuretics in our daily food. Physician's guidance is recommended, prior to consumption of these in excess.

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