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Can Celery be used as a home remedy for Diuretic

Celery is a plant that is grown basically in Asia, Africa and Europe. Celery grows in places which are damp. Celery has leaves which are dark green in colour and they are in the shape of a wedge. Celery has a fruit that is dark brown in colour. The roots, leaves and seeds of the celery plant have medicinal properties.

Celery plant has several medicinal uses. Celery can help relieve spasms. Consuming celery can help you to prevent spasms that affect the smooth muscles in our body. In addition to this celery contains a substance which actually helps to enhance our appetite. Celery also has a very pleasant smell which makes it very appealing. Its pleasant smell is perhaps on of the reasons why it stimulates hunger and the desire to eat food. There are several other advantages of consuming celery on a regular basis. Consuming celery helps in removing the gas that has accumulated in the intestines. Celery also contains an agent which actually stimulates the flow of the menstrual fluids in the body of a woman. Consuming celery is good for people who are often nervous since this plant actually contains elements which cause the production of perspiration. When celery is chopped up and the cooked with some milk, it can help neutralize the effects of various acids that exist in excess in our bodies.

However, one of the most interesting uses of consuming celery is that it is a diuretic. A diuretic is something which actually helps in increasing the amount of urine produced by the kidneys. As a result celery is often used to treat medical condition of edema. This is the condition that causes salt retention. In fact, the seed of celery is used basically as a diuretic. Celery has very strong diuretic properties and for this reason it is used when a person suffers from severe cases of various illnesses like dropsy, gout and edema. Celery is therefore also used frequently in the treatment of disorders that affect the kidneys and bladder. However when the kidneys are inflamed, celery is not used.

Celery has several other uses and has also been used to treat ailments like arthritis and rheumatism. Celery contains a high concentration of calcium. What is interesting is that this calcium is present in a form that permits its use immediately. That is as soon as celery is consumed the calcium gets to work in our body. This calcium starts up the endocrine system and the hormones in our body work at breaking up the fat that has accumulated. The high percentage of magnesium and iron in celery helps in the cleaning out of our system, as soon as celery has been consumed.

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