Please suggest an exercise to reduce the lower tummy. Currently I am doing the following exercise. Raise the lower limbs upto 90 degree and slowly bringing them down. Will this be helpful?

The exercise you are doing right now is one of the best and most highly effective ones to do in order to reduce your lower tummy. Please continue with it. Just remember to start repeating it about four times, at least twice a day. Additionally, there are a couple of variations to this exercise that you can follow as well. You can lie flat on your back, raise your legs to a 90 degree angle from the floor and cycle mid-air. This is an excellent exercise to reduce your girth. Start by doing this for a minute at a time and increase the duration as you go along in accordance with your comfort levels.

It is important to exercise your entire body as a part of the program to reduce your lower tummy as well. This way, you will reduce in size proportionately. Take a 30 minute walk everyday. It is important that you do not skip this even once. If you can handle it, start doing stomach crunches every day as well. You can start with doing 10 crunches and increase every day. Another exercise you can do is to lie on your tummy and raise your head and feet, while keeping your arms to your side. Stay like that for as long as possible. This will help get rid of your tummy very quickly.

answered by M W

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