Home remedies and natural cure for itchy anus?

It is important to note that an itchy anus is not a very grave ailment. An itchy anus can also indicate a possibility of injury to the veins around the anus thus leading to internal or external hemorrhoids. This condition is referred to as piles and results in symptoms like swelling, itching and the presence of blood in feces. It is possible the itchy anus is symptomatic of the onset of this sort of condition or a transitory condition. The skin lining the anus is very sensitive and it can be irritated by the usage of perfumed toiletries like toilet papers and soaps. In the same manner, lack of proper personal hygiene can also lead to this type of a situation. Conditions such as these can be prevented by keeping away from the usage of harsh chemicals, artificially perfumed toiletries and perfumes. The usage of tight undergarments can also lead to the development of an itchy sensation. It is preferable therefore to choose cotton undergarments which permit the normally moist areas an opportunity to dry. Feel free to change undergarments regularly if you notice any sort of wetness or discharge. Remember, that the anus needs to be kept clean at all times to prevent the possibility of an infection.

It is possible that particular types of foods and medications can also lead to irritation in the area around the anus. Keep a track of these foods and try to eliminate them from your diet. Also consult your physician about the necessity of consuming medication which aggravates your condition. You doctor would be able to prescribe alternative medication without any side effects.

Coconut oil or almond oil can be used to apply over the affected area to obtain relief from dryness. It is also highly advisable to avoid excessive cleaning. You can do more harm than benefit by excessive cleaning and wiping. Tiny swabs of cotton wool can be used for keeping the anus dry rather than choosing an abrasive cleaning cloth. Dry skin can also be caused by hot showers and baths, hence is recommended to avoid them. Apply a gentle moisturizer over the affected areas as this will keep the skin healthy and prevent it from drying and feeling itchy. Scratching is a natural reflex of the body when affected by itchy sensations. Ensure that you refrain from scratching as this will only aggravate the condition. Remember to drink large amount of water as this will help in flushing out the toxins and in preventing the occurrence of an itchy anus.

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An itchy anus is a sign of something, and not a disease by itself. There could be many reasons as to why you have an itchy anus. It could be that you are unable to clean it properly and you have some bits of faeces still sticking there. In order to eliminate this possibility, you must try to wash yourself for a few days instead of using toilet paper. It will help you to determine whether this is the problem that is leading to your itchy anus. Sometimes, scented or coloured toilet paper can also cause this problem, especially if you are a person with sensitive skin. Avoid using fancy products such as these.

There are also some medications and foods that can irritate the anus. Make a checklist to see what changes have occurred in your lifestyle in the last few days in terms of food. This will help you to decide if you are eating something that is causing this itch. If you have added any new medication to your routine, remove it to see if that helps. It is also important that you moderate your scrubbing while cleaning your anus. If you scrub too much or too hard, it is possible for small scabs to form and they could be the cause of the itching.

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