Is there a remedy for jock itch

Jock itch is an infection caused by the fungus Tinea cruris. This fungal infection mainly occurs in the groin and upper thighs which can further extended to the inner thighs and eventually into the anal area. This fungus often lives in warm and moist genital areas and makes the area red, itchy and cracked.

There are many ways to cure jock itch. Here are some of the most common cures and remedies for jock itch:

  • The best treatment is to clean the genital area and pat dry so that no fungus can accumulate and grow in that area. Avoid any kind of tight clothing so that there is passage of air.
  • You will even find a number of antifungal sprays, creams and powders that are effective in the treatment of jock itch. The best over the counter anti fungal spray is Lamisil and Mycelex. Many people have used these creams or sprays and have tested the positive effects on jock itch.
  • Hunt for miconazole and clotrimazole in any anti fungal creams because these ingredients are helpful in treating the condition.
  • Tinactin powder available over the counter helps in keeping the genital area, thereby preventing the growth and accumulation of fungus.
  • Applying cornstarch twice daily on the affected area is also useful for treating jock itch.

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