I Have A Skin Problem, Itching Between My Right Hand Little Finger. I Feel Like Itching Inside The Skin With A Sharp Object. Please help

Itching between fingers is a common condition that is faced by many people. It could be due to conditions like infections, allergies, dry skin or any other conditions. Many times this itching between fingers can lead to the scratching of the skin which only worsens the condition. It is important to treat this itching between fingers or itching inside skin promptly before it leads to further problems. Treatment depends on the cause of the itching between fingers. You can opt for either home remedies or medical treatments to treat the itching. For instance, if the itching between fingers is due to dry skin, then the problem can be remedied by using a moisturizer at least twice or thrice a day. Intense itching between fingers could also be due to scabies. Sarcoptes scabes are microscopic insects that go deep into the skin and cause intense itching. If this is the reason, the doctor will take a sample of your skin and test for these mite burrows. It is advised to have a bath with Epsom salts and wipe the affected area down with tea tree oil later to get relief. Applying aloe vera gel on the hands could also give relief from these symptoms.

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Causes of itching blisters on hands?

Blisters tend to form whenever a deeper layer of skin is damaged and the surface skin remains intact. A liquid filled pocket forms when this happens as the body sends serum and fluid to the site of the injury. The pocket that forms is known as a blister. Foreign objects under the skin, burns or abrasions are some of the common hand blister causes. Treatment of hand blisters involves keeping the blisters clean and intact until they can heal naturally. Hand blisters causes could also be due to Dyshidrotic dermatitis. This is a kind of eczema that is believed to be caused by excessive sweating. However, the direct co relation between the two has not been proved. Symptoms of this eczema include small blisters on the side and tips of the fingers and toes. After a few days, these small blisters form larger ones which cause pain and itching. Hand blisters causes also include blisters being formed as a result of trauma to the skin. Hand blisters may form if the area of the skin is rubbed too intensely, for instance, while riding a bike. Tiny itchy blisters on hands could be due to chicken pox. Herpes and pemphigus are two other hand blister causes.

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Treatment for eczema blisters on hands?

Eczema is a skin condition for which a cause is yet to be determined. The symptoms of eczema include itchiness, red skin, dryness and eczema blisters on the hands. These eczema blisters on the hands are usually tiny and could become crusty as well. Keep in mind that all types of eczemas can cause blisters. The best way to treat eczema with blisters is to avoid any contact with the blistered area. Treatment for eczema blisters on hands, however, depends on the severity of the problem. One can either opt for medical treatments involving creams, steroids or antibiotics or one can opt for home remedies. One effective home remedy for treating eczema blisters on hands is with the application of apple cider vinegar. You could treat eczema in two ways with the help of apple cider vinegar. One is by drinking the apple cider vinegar. Simply add two teaspoons of this apple cider vinegar to about 8 ounces water and drink this in intervals all along the day. You can even add a little honey to this mixture to make it tastier. Alternatively, add the vinegar to a juice and drink it. The other way is to soak a cotton ball in the vinegar and apply it directly to the affected area.

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How to treat a blisters on heel?

A blister is part of the body's defense mechanism and usually forms under the skin to protect it from injury. A heel blister can be particularly annoying and painful and prevent you from going about everyday chores, because of the location it is in. Heel blisters treatment should be started as soon as you notice the blister as heel blisters have a tendency to become inflamed, open and infected. One of the best things you can do for heel blisters treatment is to just leave it alone. If the serum bubble remains intact, the skin under the blister will heal by itself. If you do have to wear shoes and socks, then protect the heel blister with a bandage. You can also cover the blister with a mole skin pad. Heel blisters treatment also includes allowing the blister to be open to air. This will help speed up the healing time of the blister. It is not advisable to try and burst the blister as this may lead to more problems like an infection occurring. You can prevent heel blisters by wearing proper footwear. Choose shoes of the right size - neither too tight nor too loose. A shoe that is too tight or too loose can give rise to blisters.

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Try using as oil with lavender and cinnamon oil in it.

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