Dandruff, dry hair and hair loss: I am 24 years old. I have dry and curly hair, also lots of dandruff. How to prevent excessive hair loss that I am having now and also how to remove the dandruff by natural way?

Dandruff is mere dead cells that are shed from the skin on the scalp; however, dandruff can be quite embarrassing socially and can also lead to hair loss and an itchy, dry scalp.

What is really happening? It is a natural process wherein the epidermal layer renews itself by removing the dead cells that later fall off as flakes. In general, flaking occurs over a month's time, but in some people, the cells mature and are shed in two to seven days, which is quite rapid. The dead cells are shed in large oily patches, either gray or white, appearing on the scalp and falling on the skin and clothes. Depending on the person's skin type, dandruff is dry or oily. Dandruff and hair loss are interrelated as the latter results from excess dandruff on the scalp. Dandruff takes away from the scalp essential nutrients, which, in turn, results in hair loss. Excess dandruff also makes the hair shafts unhealthy, causing weakening of the hair. Dandruff is also sometimes a result of bacterial and fungal infections of the scalp.

What can I do? There is no cause to worry as dandruff is a common problem and many hair loss remedies are available. You can go for natural cures for dandruff and hair loss home remedies that are beneficial and do not harm the scalp or the hair. To remedy hair loss, the first step is to eat a proper and balanced diet with more vegetables and fruits and an adequate amount of proteins and fats. Using gentle and mild hair products is beneficial for dry hair. It is also best to use gentle herbal shampoos as certain shampoos and products that are more alkaline can cause dandruff. Massaging the hair with olive or coconut oil regularly is also an effective dandruff and hair loss treatment option. Applying castor oil on the scalp and massaging gently, allowing it to stay overnight, is also an excellent dandruff and hair loss remedy. Castor oil moisturizes and nourishes the scalp, helping in dandruff removal and hair loss re-growth.

Mayonnaise is also an efficient home remedy for dry hair as it contains the richness of both oil and egg. Its rich nutrient content will help your hair strengthen, and it could also be used as an effective home remedy for dry hair care. Dandruff and dry hair home remedies also make the use of yogurt. Yogurt is an excellent conditioner and helps moisturize and nourish the scalp. Use it on alternate days and wash with a mild herbal shampoo so that you do not remove the oil content from the scalp. One cup of coconut oil can be boiled on a low flame with milk, cumin seeds, few garlic flakes, and peppercorns. Strain this mixture after it has cooled, and store it in container. Massaging this oil on the scalp every night is an efficient dry scalp and hair loss remedy. The milk proteins help in increasing the oil content of the scalp, and the other ingredients help in hair re-growth and removal of dandruff.

You can also make your own hair products for dry hair, such as boiling coconut or olive oil with cumin seeds, dried lemon peels, and damask rose petals; other herbs like basil and rosemary can be added to this. This is an effective home remedy for dandruff, hair loss, and a dry scalp. Henna leaves can also be boiled in coconut oil and used as a home remedy for dandruff and hair loss. Aloe vera is an excellent natural cure for dandruff and hair loss treatment option. You can apply fresh aloe vera or its gel to hydrate the scalp and replenish hair growth. Rinsing the hair with baking soda will also help remove dandruff; baking soda also gives the hair additional shine and adds volume to limp hair. Olive oil is a good home remedy for dry hair. It moisturizes the scalp and improves blood circulation.

Hair loss solutions lie in avoiding caffeinated drinks, refined sugars, meat, and oily foods as these aggravate the problem. You should consume more fruit juices and vegetables and make a healthy diet a part of your lifestyle.

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Once you treat your dandruff, hair loss should subside. Read my answer for an effective natural home cure for your dry scalp and dandruff. You can also read our article on natural home-made cleansers, protein conditioner and oil massage toners.

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