Does urine test rules out the possibility of any liver dysfunction?

Liver dysfunction can be caused by a number of agents. Purification of the blood takes place in the liver and when the liver does not function properly, it gives cause for great concern. Alcoholism and excessive indulgence in vices such as smoking and drug use place a great deal of strain on the liver, causing it to malfunction. Unhealthy eating habits could also affect the working of the liver. One of the primary symptoms of liver dysfunction is digestive trouble. The liver and the bile gland work together, and any dysfunction of the liver will cause a malfunctioning of the bile gland. People feel extremely uneasy and will tend to vomit frequently.

Testing for liver dysfunction:

  • There are many questions asked about whether urine tests rule out the possibility of liver dysfunction. Urine tests are mainly conducted in order to assess the levels of the various components of the urine.
  • Liver dysfunction is mainly assessed on the production of the cholesterol and triglycerides in the body. When the readings are found to be erratic, subsequent tests will be carried out to assess the exact cause of the varying levels of urine or blood content.
  • At the initial stages of an illness, blood and urine tests can help to rule out liver dysfunction. However, in more advanced illnesses, these conditions may be camouflaged by more superficial symptoms.
In order to restore the liver to full functioning, it is recommended that people stay away from foods that are excessively rich and spicy, thereby allowing the liver some respite from heavy functioning. Abstaining from alcohol and other intoxicants which damage the liver is also a very effective method of giving the body a chance to recover. Eating fruits and vegetables that are easy to digest and which will provide the body with the required amount of nutrition to recuperate and be restored to full functioning in due course of time is also recommended.

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