How long will it take for a black eye to heal?

A black eye is usually caused by the bruising of the skin on the face and around the eye area. The skin around your eye may turn black, dark blue or even purple. This happens as the red blood vessels under your skin have burst and there is a leakage of blood to the surrounding tissues. In some cases, a black eye may also affect vision or you may suffer from a headache until the swelling reduces.

Black eyes may develop as a result of a punch to the face or if a fast moving object such as a ball or a bat hit you. Cosmetic surgery on the face can also result in bruised facial tissue. No matter what the cause of your black eye, proper care should be taken to speed up the healing process and to ensure no permanent damage takes place.

In most cases however, a black eye is rarely considered a serious injury. You can expect the swelling to go down within a few days but the discoloration can take up to 14 days to disappear or heal completely. If you experience any of the following symptoms along with your black eye, please consult your doctor immediately:

  • Your vision remains blurred or changes
  • The pain in and around your eye does not reduce with painkillers or it escalates over time
  • There is pus leaking from your eye
  • The eye is hot to the touch and red to look at
  • You experience moments of confusion and drowsiness, vomiting or dizziness (these are signs of concussion and require immediate medical attention)
  • If both your eyes turn black (indicative of a head injury known as basilar skull fracture)
  • If your black eye is not a result of an injury or cosmetic surgery, it may be an indication of high blood pressure or a burst capillary. Again, it is best to visit your doctor or emergency room at the earliest.
If none of these apply, self-care is your best treatment option. You can apply an ice pack to the affected area or even a bag of frozen peas to reduce the swelling and stop the bleeding. The cold will also help numb the pain. Painkillers can also help relieve the pain but avoid aspirin as it can increase bleeding. Keep the eye protected from any further injury and sleep on a higher pillow so as to help drain the fluid from the site of the injury. All this should help your recovery and reduce your black eye as soon as possible.

answered by G M

Advice on black eye -

1. If taken care properly a black eye heals within 5-7 days.

2. There is bruising due to injury as in boxers or any kind of trauma that leads to haematoma and blackening around the eyes.

3. Take a homeopathic remedy called as Arnica montana 1m 5 pills 8 hourly just for a day. Then stop the medicine and watch out for 1 week.

4. Mix 1/2 tsp turmeric powder in 1/2 cup hot milk or hot water and drink it. This may be taken 2 times a day.  

answered by D M K

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