Home remedy for dry hair

Dry hair can be a really troublesome problem for both men and women. When hair becomes dry, it also becomes dull, unmanageable and brittle. A lot of other problems such as dandruff and fungal infections are also associated with dry hair. While most people may be able to get rid of their dry hair with gentle home treatments, others may require extensive therapy, medications, and cosmetic care.

For damaged hair, there are several simple natural remedies. Start off with changing your shampoo to a mild one or one that suits your hair type. You may also ask your doctor to recommend a mild or medicated shampoo for dry hair care. To your hair care routine, add regular oiling as well. If you do not want to carry oiled hair throughout the week, you can simply oil them the night before you plan to wash your hair, and then wash it in the morning. In addition to this, avoid using any harsh products on your hair and avoid blow drying.

Here are some of the other home remedies for dry hair:

  • For dry damaged hair, wash your hair sparingly. Instead of washing them every day, wash them only once in two or three days. Your scalp and hair will stay clean enough and the chemicals will not rob your scalp of its moisture as well.
  • Avoid pouring hot water on your head; instead rinse your hair with warm water. Hot water tends to strip your scalp and your hair of protective oil. Dry scalp leads to dandruff, hair breakage, and dry hair.
  • Rinse your hair thoroughly after shampooing. If you do not rinse off the shampoo completely, it can leave residue that dries out the hair strands.
  • Take a ripe avocado, peel it, pit it, and mash it. To this, add a teaspoon each of wheat germ oil and jojoba oil. Apply this to freshly washed hair working through the scalp and the roots of the hair. Cover your head with a plastic bag and let it set in for a few hours. Rinse thoroughly. If you cannot get avocado, you can use mayonnaise instead.
  • Mix together two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil with 60 ml of aloe vera gel, with this use around 6 drops of sandalwood and rosemary essential oils. Leave this mixture in your hair for a few hours and then rinse it out.
  • Always use a hair conditioner after you have shampooed your hair. Start by applying it to the tips of your hair and then work your way towards the scalp. However, do not apply the conditioner on the scalp as this can cause increased dryness.
  • Air dry your hair whenever possible. Try and avoid drying them with a blow dryer unless it is an absolute emergency. If you need to use a hair dryer, make sure that the settings are on warm.
  • Use a wide toothed comb or a brush with natural bristles. Plastic brushes can make your hair more brittle. Use the wide toothed comb lightly on your hair to remove tangles before you brush them. This way, your hair will not break.
  • Consume B complex and selenium supplements twice a day. Consult your doctor before you begin taking any supplements. The supplements can help your body in regular hair repair.
  • Though expensive, evening primrose oil is considered excellent for hair moisturizing and scalp care. If you can afford it, this oil can revitalize your hair and leave it looking rejuvenated, sleek and beautiful.
  • Pay attention to what you eat. A healthy diet is vital for healthy skin and hair. So if your diet is right, you will most likely have beautiful skin and hair as well.


Warning: The reader of this article should exercise all precautionary measures while following instructions on the home remedies from this article. Avoid using any of these products if you are allergic to it. The responsibility lies with the reader and not with the site or the writer.
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