What's the remedy for pain in the buttocks when passing stool.

From the conditions that you describe, it appears that you are experiencing a condition medically referred to as anal fissures. Anal fissures are tears or ulcers in the lining of the anal canal, which is located just inside the opening of the anus. These back pain in buttocks, fissures can be extremely painful, especially when you are passing stools and for some time after that. Anal fissures are also known to be responsible for causing minor bleeding, which you may notice in the stools or on your toilet paper.

Anal fissures are classified in many different ways. These can either be serious or chronic and are dependent on how long you have been affected by the fissures. Anal fissures can also be classified as primary or secondary, based on the factors that have caused them. This is a fairly common condition occurring in women and men as well as in children. The symptoms that are usually associated with this condition include pain and blood in the stools caused by the bleeding of the lining of the anal canal.

Primary anal fissures are believed to be associated with the activity of the muscles in the anus. The muscle which surrounds the anus, sometimes contracts too strongly resulting in increased pressure on the anal canal, making it prone to tearing. This increase in pressure also restricts the flow of blood to the anus. Restricted blood flow results in the retardation of the body's natural ability to heal quickly. Secondary anal fissures are usually caused by an underlying medical condition. Ailments such as constipation, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), pregnancy, cancer of the rectum as well as sexually transmitted infections are responsible for causing secondary anal fissures.

It is a good idea to include fiber in your diet and it should be present in significant quantities in all your meals. Fiber from food is considered to be very effective in loosening the stools and facilitating the smooth passing of the stools. Foods such as oat bran as well as other whole grains are also beneficial in the long term, curing the affected individual from constipation and preventing the recurrence of anal fissure.

It is highly advisable to drink plenty of water daily as this will be effective in keeping the digestive system well hydrated. With the advice of your doctor, you can consider protecting your anal canal by applying a thin coating of petroleum jelly at least half an inch inside the rectum, a few minutes before each bowel movement. This will be helpful in ensuring that the rectum or the fissures are not aggravated by the passing of the stools. Make sure that you dust area the surrounding the anus with unscented or medicated talcum powder or even regular baby powder after each bowel movement. This will be effective in keeping the area dry throughout the day and will prevent secondary infections.

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Remedies for buttock pain-

  1. Take 1 tsp cinnamon and 1/2 tsp ginger with 1 tsp honey daily in 1/2 cup warm water in the morning.
  2. Take 2 big copper glasses of warm water just after waking up.
  3. Take a homeopathic medicine called as Arnica montana 30 5 pills 2 times daily for 5 days.

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