is there anything that i can do for an anxiety attack without taking drugs

You can master the art of de -stressing and become your own stress -buster.

Here are a few tips:

  • Meditation facilitates a calmness that will empower you with a sense of control. Practice any form of meditation everyday for at least an hour.
  • Its important to remember that a simple remedy is to breathe correctly.
  • You tend to hold your breathe when anxious, which makes it worse. Breathe slowly and deeply as it has a calming effect.
  • Increase daily physical activity by engaging in a sport like swimming, cycling, tennis and running. Any activity that is repetitive in nature will help reduce anxiety and lift up the spirits.
  • Register yourself in an aerobics or dance course. It will help boost energy and reduce anxiety levels.
  • Remedies that use spices and herbs in the treatment of anxiety are as follows:
  • Cloves are a excellent remedy for the nervous system. The spice helps in relieving anxiety, relaxing tension and also helps in lifting depression.
  • Cardamom is a warming restorative that generates strength and relaxes the mind. The use of cardamom serves to lift the spirits, calm anxiety.
  • Parsley stimulates the circulation of the nervous system and thereby reducing anxiety and lethargy. It is considered a very effective remedy in the treatment of anxiety.
  • Apple cider vinegar is considered a valuable remedy in reducing anxiety
  • Rosemary is an aromatic herb and a folk remedy. It is known for its powerful effects in bringing down anxiety.
  • Lemon balm is a lemon -scented herb. It is known for its effectiveness in the treatment of anxiety. It serves to calm the mind, lift the spirits and reduces anxiety.

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Anxiety health advice

It is alright to get anxious once in a while as it is an integral part of our emotional ecosystem. However when anxiety is gradually built up over the days or months, it becomes a matter of concern. Not only does the physical self suffer but the mental state can also get altered.

A number of herbs are used in aromatherapy that imparts a feeling of calmness and a soothing experience to the individual's state of mind. Main herbs in this regard can also be used as essential oils. These priceless herbs are camomile, cloves, catnip, lavender, hops, lime flowers and also the fragrance of orange blossom, skullcap, thyme, valerian, vervain and wood betony are exploited to bring about a good general feeling.

Breathe deeply as often as you can and especially when you feel the onset of a panic attack. Under anxious situations, one is given to hold the breath or breathe in short gasps and in a shallow manner. These spasmodic bursts of breath do not help the condition any further. To check if your breathing habits are correct, place your palm on your diaphragm, which happens to be right beneath your rib cage. This diaphragm should rise with each inhalation and should fall when you leave the air.

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