Neck Tenderness

by Sam Malone

Neck tenderness is often ignored. There are several explanations you can arrive at for neck tenderness, namely; wrong sleeping posture, wrong sitting posture; it is rare that we are aware of the fact that neck tenderness can be associated with a number of illnesses.

Though wrong sleeping and sitting posture are prime suspects, neck tenderness can occur due to illnesses like the infectious mononucleosis. Most of us have the virus for mononucleosis which causes this illness and enough immunity has been developed, though there are phases when this virus rears its head in body and gives neck tenderness.This virus spreads through saliva and can be easily transferred through a sneeze or drinking used beverages, etc. its occurrence is less in children and more in teenagers.

Another reason for neck tenderness, if it occurs quite regularly, is the rheumatoid arthritis. This is a chronic illness; the name rheumatoid arthritis means swelling of joints.People with this disease can live with it without it showing any symptoms.

Another reason for neck tenderness can be hematoma, hematoma is collection and partial or complete clotting of blood in an empty area. Hematoma occurs when there is a break in blood vessel. This break can be caused due to no particular reason, aneurysm or trauma. Hematoma can occur in any part of the body. Treatment for this condition depends upon place and extent of hematoma.

Other reasons for neck tenderness can be accidental bruises, contusion caused due to any domestic or otherwise accident or muscle strain. Sleeping on uncomfortable bed or cushions too can cause neck tenderness, neck tenderness does not always mean tenderness to touch, it is more synonymously used with neck pain.

Bruises and contusions are common injuries that occur to the neck. These could be because of wearing some ornaments that have sharp edges or mosquito bites, etc. these bruises and contusions can be treated by applying antiseptic and healing creams.

Neck tenderness should not be taken lightly since it also could mean several other complications like migraines, osteoarthritis, etc. There are also some quite uncommon causes of neck pain, these include, tumors, congenital abnormalities, infections, etc.

Another cause of neck tenderness is injury to the spinal column due to which the vertebrae have been damaged due to regular wear and tear. Spinal column injuries also cause neck tenderness. Spinal column injuries are usually sustained because of accidents, hard labor, etc.

Neck tenderness in most cases disappears within no time. However, persistent neck pains should be checked with the doctor.

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