Acute Sinusitis Remedies

by Kevin Pederson

Acute sinusitis is the inflammation of the sinuses. These are the spaces identified around the nose and the nasal passage that are filled with air. Accumulation of fluids and hindrance with mucus drainage in the sinuses are typical symptoms. Inflammation of the throat, pharynx and the nose, that is, the upper respiratory tract and thereby the blockage of the sinuses also causes acute sinusitis. The risk of infection increases. This results in difficulty in breathing through your nose.

Pain increases on the face, on moving forward. Increased temperature, persistent cough, inflammation of the face and headache are signs of acute sinusitis. Allergies and microorganisms act as a causative factor, in addition to common cold, in giving rise to this uncomfortable condition. Intervention commences with antibiotics and ranges till corticosteroids, given orally. The cause of the inflammation determines the course of treatment. Left untreated, more chronic conditions are resultant. Presence of the various symptoms for a shorter span, being less than a month is referred to as acute sinusitis.

Symptoms of sinus infection include breathlessness (due to difficulty in breathing), facial pain, pain on the face, nausea, dental pain, halitosis, sore throat, decreased sense of smell, pain on the eyes, skin reddening or erythema and fatigue. Other factors, causing acute sinusitis are misshaped septum, the wall present between the nostrils. Nasal polyps hinder the airway passage and are tissue growths. Allergies resulting in blocked sinuses and acid reflux, human immunodeficiency virus and cystic fibrosis are more factors to contribute to this condition. Viral infection results in an offset to acute sinusitis, though other microbial causes are also seen.

Smoking cigarettes or exposure to smoke and dust and other forms of air pollution aggravates the inflammation. Infection persistence for more than 2 weeks reaffirms a viral origin. Drinking lots of water is beneficial. Continuous presence of any of these symptoms, such as, confusion, reddening of the face, increased body temperature, greater then 100.5 degree Fahrenheit, neck stiffness and headache calls for a physician’s guidance.

Laboratory tests and imaging techniques aid in diagnosing the condition. Visual inspection down the throat is helpful. Complications of acute sinusitis are blood clots or aneurysm around the sinuses, inflammation of the meninges of the brain causing meningitis, loss of vision due to infection and stimulation of asthma due to sinusitis. Delay in treatment results in chronic sinusitis, a condition lasting for more than 2 months. Pain relievers and nasal decongestants are beneficial in providing relief. Saline nasal spray also helps. 
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