Foods to eat for acute urticaria

Diet for Acute Urticaria 

Urticaria is a skin allergy that is characterized by raised red skin welts which have a pale border and appear anywhere on the body, such as the face, throat, lips and ears. These welts itch very badly and also sting and burn. The causes of urticaria are: direct contact with an allergenic substance or an allergic reaction to certain foods. Stress has also been known to cause this allergy. Foods which are fermented have a high amount of histamine, which, if it reaches a very high level in the body causes the allergic reaction. Therefore it is not advisable that you consume dosas, idlis, milk products like cheese, or alcoholic drinks. Also, foods like tomatoes, eggplant and tamarind have naturally occurring high amounts of histamine; therefore avoiding these foods helps in preventing the frequency of allergic attacks.  

In order to treat urticaria when it is caused by digestive disorders, you can drink a solution of twelve grams of salt dissolved in water, after which you should force yourself to vomit in order to empty the solution from your body. This helps in curing eruptions and brings temporary relief. As most of the time urticaria begins in the gastro-intestinal tract, an effective way to treat it is the adoption of a diet that contains a large amount of green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits (especially water melon) and nuts or grains. You should also drink large amounts of hot water and frequently expose your self to the sun. Avoid exposure to the cold as it sometimes can cause an allergic episode.

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