Sound Therapy

by Kevin Pederson

Earth was formed after the Big Bang, if this is true then it is definitely true that we were came into existence with a sound. No wonder sound is so closely related to our well being. Sounds of different types enrich and enthrall our lives.

It is no wonder that we are deeply moved with a good piece of music and excess amounts of noise around us affects us adversely. All those who find sound most interesting and enchanting, sound therapy might be the one for you. Music and sounds have long known to recharge energy in a person.

Like listening to the sound of the sea, it rejuvenates us; the sound of the sea is known to have extreme healing powers. It reduces stress makes persons calm and invokes a feeling of well-being and also that of being one with the world. This sound therapy is the most natural and best-known sound therapy ever.

There are other types of sound therapy like listening to the sounds from nature. Birds, flowing river, rustling of trees, falling of raindrops all these natural sounds have unique healing powers and power of relaxing mind and body at the same time. Such sounds might de-stress you to the extent of putting you to a peaceful slumber.

Another type of sound therapy is music therapy. We are not completely alien of the effect that good music has on us. Any good music can uplift our spirits and give us immense peace and satisfaction. Similarly, there are musical pieces made only for the purpose of healing.

This music therapy is being used worldwide. Music therapy helps controlling emotions and brain functioning. With music therapy you will also find that your memory and thinking power has increased. You have become more happy person. Music therapy also increases your hearing power. There are different types of music therapy prescribed for men, women and children. Listening to each type of music helps each person in a different way.

Similarly, there is another type of sound therapy called voice therapy; this therapy involves listening to soothing and soft voices of people, birds, animals, etc. Voice therapy has been there for a long time. Voice therapy is as effective as any other sound therapy. Imagine being in a panic state and someone starts comforting and assuring you in a soothing voice, it will definitely have a calming effect on you. This is a small example of voice therapy.

Sound therapy has unique healing powers. Once the mind relaxes it is not difficult to get stress out of our body. The difficult part of relaxing the mind is done by sound therapy, later as mind relaxes body automatically relaxes and you find yourself a rejuvenated self.

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