tinnitus-anything that can be done for it?

The first step in treating tinnitus is to go and get your ear checked up by a doctor. The following symptoms characterize tinnitus

  • There is a buzzing or a ringing sound in the ear for more than a few days
  • If there is a dizzy feeling along with the noise in your ear
  • Your ear bleeds and contains pus in it

The following can be done as a home remedy:

  • Make sure you relax more often than what you do currently. Stress is a major contributor for tinnitus occurrence
  • In the affected ear pour saline solution and let it remain fro 10 min, afterwards drain it out
  • Diet also plays a major role in curing tinnitus. Make sure you do not eat fatty foods, foods that contain high saturated fat and sugar. Also, avoid beverages like tea, coffee and alcohol
  • Don't listen to loud music. Instead switch over to soft and soothing music; this also helps in relaxing your mind and body
  • Fill a cotton bag with three spoons of roasted millet seeds. Lace the bag over the ear for about 10 min.
  • Two to three drops of onion juice when poured into the ear also help the condition
  • Do exercises, which increase the blood circulation around the ear like chewing dry fruits regularly
  • Alexander Technique, a well-known technique is also supposed to cure tinnitus
  • Perform exercises, which increase the blood circulation to the brain
  • Alternative therapies like Pranayam and Yoga also help in healing the condition
  • Take 175 deep breaths continuously for about and hour. This improves the condition immediately.

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