What is good for a radiation therapy burn that is in the crease of your leg, pelvic area, where the air cannot get in to it?

One of the more serious consequences of Radiation therapy is the risk of blistering or ulceration. Skin -burn around the site of the treatment is not uncommon and should be treated alongside the radiation therapy. Radiation therapy that requires a shallow radiation beam has relatively higher burn incidence. Your burn will have to be treated according to its depth and severity.

If you have a surface burn, you can use a vitamin A and D ointment. Avoid using cosmetic products as the chemical dyes in them will aggravate your burn. Even if your skin resembles a bad tan more than an actual burn, do not use standard sunburn products like aloe gel as they are known to irritate irradiation burn. If your burn is a little more serious with oozing or scabs, you can use emu oil. Emu oil is often used for irradiation burns as it contains fatty acids that are very similar to those found in human skin. This oil is completely natural and contains no steroids or hormones. It is an excellent emollient that also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Apply Emu oil regularly to the affected areas to speed up the healing process and prevent scarring. If your burn wound is deep or if you have a fever, consult your doctor immediately as you may require a steroidal or antibiotic ointment.

Since your burn is located near a joint, it will definitely take longer to heal. Try to wear shorts as often as possible as this will allow the wound to dry up and heal faster. As fabric can stick to a healing scab and later get pulled away along with the material, it would be advisable to use a sterilized dressing for the first few days or until the oozing (if any) subsides. After your daily bath, apply a generous amount of Emu oil to the affected area before dressing it. Before going to bed, wash the wound well with a warm saline solution and allow it to dry completely before reapplying the oil and dressing. After the first few days, you can apply the oil at night without the dressing.

Make sure that any fabric that comes in contact with the affected area is rinsed well as even trace amounts of any detergent will aggravate the burn. Regular bathing soaps contain dyes and perfumes that will irritate an open wound. You can use a medicated antibacterial soap instead, as it will help to fight off infection. It would be best if you talked to your doctor before using any new product.

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