Mental Health and Behavior

by Kevin Pederson

Mental health is as important as physical health. Identifying and taking care of mental health is sometimes more difficult than taking care of physical health. There are several disorders that could plague a person throughout his life.

The most common and serious one today is depression. This affects people of different ages, it is especially common in women. There are different stages of depression, mild depression and severe depression. Mild depression can be dealt with simple psychotherapy. Severe depression can result into severe repercussions if not dealt within time. People suffering from severe depression can also become suicidal after some time. Depression is not feeling happy or normal for a long duration of time. This may go on for weeks together.

Depression though common in both sexes, is most common among women, women undergo high amount of hormonal changes throughout the month leading to depression. There are several symptoms of depression; these are constant sad mood, a feeling of hopelessness, feeling of pessimism, loss of interest – even in those activities which were interesting once. If this feeling goes on for weeks then consulting the psychiatrist is a must.

Another mental health disorder is the bipolar disorder, bipolar disorder is a state where a person feels a high at one time and goes in a low after some period of time. These mood swings range from a high to a low depressed mood, there is a feeling of extreme irritability, contrary to that there is also a feeling of euphoria. The mood swings go on in rotation. This bipolar disorder is diagnosed as a disorder if it goes on for all day and lasts for two weeks in succession.

There are several symptoms of bipolar disorder, these are difficulty in making decisions, there is difficulty in remembering things, also difficulty in concentrating, a person might lose interest suddenly, he might experience change in eating habits, pains and aches not resulting through any illness. A person has difficulty sleeping or sleeping for longer period of time. Bipolar depression also causes severe depression which might result into suicide attempts or person starts thinking of suicides. Several stages of bipolar depression are called mania, hypomania and depression.

Mental health should be taken good care of. People who cannot or would not express themselves totally generally have difficulty in maintaining mental health. It is better that a person can get rid of things that are disturbing him as fast as he can.

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