ADHD Diagnosis

by Rachel Bhan

ADHD in children can be identified first and foremost by parents rather than anyone else, though your child shows all symptoms of this disorder, chances are that he may or might not suffer from the disorder, therefore, it would be the best for parents to get an expert opinion about the child from a pediatrician or a psychiatrist. Just like parents, your child’s teacher too, can bring behavioral problems to your notice, since they are more experienced with children, however there are chances that the inattention type of adhd might go unnoticed by anyone till quite late.

After diagnosis of the adhd children are often given stimulants that can cause a variety of other disorders like the sleep disorder, it is extremely necessary to monitor the dosage of the child so that he does not have to face severe side effects.

Sleep disorders in children can be controlled by increasing or decreasing the dosage according to the child’s comfort level. Medications should be given only at peak food timings, and the child should be fed with enough food after medications, though medications do help bringing a change in a child’s performance, medications is not the answer to this disorder.

Adult ADHD too, should be diagnosed in order to prescribe the right amount of medication. However, it is difficult to diagnose adult adhd since adults tend to get more defiant about their conditions, adult diagnosis should be done after convincing the adult to consult a psychiatrist to deal with this problem. Family should extend complete support to the person to get through this situation. ADHD diagnosis can be difficult to obtain but once the disorder is confirmed it would be better that there is no time lost.

There are several disorders that are caused because of ADHD that too required to be addressed at the time of dealing with this disorder, if the person has been suffering from ADHD for a long time, then psychiatrist might require to diagnose the person for this disorder as well as any other disorder that might exist.

ADHD can be brought under control through medications however this is not the answer to this disorder, complete treatment of the disorder may take time and therefore patience and regularity both is needed for this disorder to be treated completely. A person might require undergoing several types of therapies and sessions with the psychiatrist to overcome this disorder.

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