ADHD Complications

by Kevin Pederson

ADHD does not come alone there are several other complications that might accompany this disorder because of inability of the child to concentrate and perform properly in school as well as at home. These are some of the complications that may or may not be there:-

A child might suffer from several disorders like the learning disorder or LD, a preschooler might find it difficult to express himself, and the child also might find it difficult to identify sounds and words, during schooling the child might have difficulties in memorizing words, spelling or difficulty in doing mathematics, etc. Dyslexia is one of these learning disabilities, affecting quite some numbers of children almost 8%.

There are another disorder associated with the ADHD, this is called the Tourette syndrome, not many children having ADHD suffer from this syndrome, however it does exist, this syndrome may include facial twitches, eye blinks, snorting, barking out words, etc.

Other complications associated with this disability are the anxiety disorders and conduct disorders. Anxiety disorders and depression is felt quite some numbers of times by children. It is important to identify and to deal with depression, if depression is treated in time; there are chances that the child will be better able to cope with the ADHD after being treated with depression. Similarly anxiety too requires to be treated in time.

Conduct disorder is a problem disorder among the children suffering from ADHD, almost 20 to 40 percent of children suffer from this disorder, it changes overall conduct of a child, children suffering from this disorder may lie, bully, steal, become aggressive, these children can also damage other person’s property. These children are more likely to carry weapons than the normal children. It is more likely that children suffering from this disorder are more likely to go in for substance abuse and drug abuse.

There are also other disorders associated with the add, these are oppositional defiant disorder, this disorder makes a child argue with grown ups, the child is quite likely not to obey adults at all, this condition is mostly found among boys, these children also become defiant and stubborn refusing to accept any amount of explanation.

While dealing and treating ADHD these disorders too require be identifying and treating so that all disorders and the complications are dealt with properly, child may not be able to respond to therapy properly if any disorder exists. Therefore all the disorders should be treated simultaneously, more aggressive children should be first made to understand and dealt with firmly.

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