January 14, 2009

What is ADHD Causes and Symptoms

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ADHD, commonly known as Hyperactivity, is a condition typically found in children who have lack of focus, attention and are extremely hyperactive. They cannot concentrate on one thing at a time and end up acting without thinking. These kids cannot sit in one place for a long time and appear to be very impatient by nature, have trouble focusing and lack attention to detail. This may impact the child’s ability to develop socially and academically.


ADHD was earlier know as ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). There are three broad categories of ADHD. Each category has different symptoms associated with it.

  1. Symptoms of Inattentive ADHD : The symptoms exhibited by this ADHD category children are, as the name suggests, have trouble paying attention to eve simple things like even talking with someone. They are very fidgety and may just keeping looking all around them while some onei is taling with them. They have trouble following instructions and may keep forgetting things throughout the day.
  2. Symptoms of Impulsive and Hyperactive ADHD : Children affected by hyperactivity always seem to keep running, walking, jumping or doing some physical activity all the time. They cannot sit in one place, and always seem to be in some kind of rush all the time. They always seem to interrupt people while talking and will try to disrupt some regular activities while playing in a group.
  3. Symptoms of Both Inattentive and Hyperactive ADHD : This is more common among kids and could be a challenge to manage kids who are hyperactive as well as inattentive and impulsive.


Often ADHD or ADD is misunderstood to have been caused by wrong parenting, excess sugar or too much medications. Although the exact cause for ADHD is yet unknown, some of common casues of ADHD could be:

  1. Can there be a Genetic cause of ADHD?: Scientific research has found that ADHD may be closely linked with your genes. More than half the children of parents who were affected ADHD also have ADHD symptoms. This disorder is caused by a combination of several genes.
  2. Brain Defect and Brain Injury may cause ADHD : Genes are not entirely responsible for ADHD. “Executive functions” of the brain are said to be responsible for self-control, attention behavior of the child. If this does not function well, the child may be hyperactive and inattentive. Brain damage during child birth may also cause ADHD later. Smoking or taking drugs during pregnancy also may damage the baby’s brain causing ADHD at a later stage in life.
  3. How can Environmental factor cause ADHD?: Although there is no scientific evidence of parenting or home situations causing ADHD, there are beliefs that some kids may be affected by the environment at home. Going through difficult situations such as parents seperating, criminal or violent behavior of parents, creating depressing situations at home may affect the thinking of the child. Children already affected with ADHD will find it even tougher to cope with the problem.