Alternatives to Abortion

The pro-life party against abortion insists that the best alternative to abortion is to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Avoiding unprotected sex will accomplish this. However, if the woman is considering an abortion, the time to think about safe sex has long since passed.

  • Morning-after Pills: There are now morning-after pills available that aim to hinder the process of conception and thus prevent the need for an abortion. These pills are not foolproof though and offer no guarantee of success. Another risk is that many young women now treat these morning-after pills as another form of conception. There are health risks and side effects associated with the morning after pill and a consultation with a doctor is needed if they are used regularly.
  • Adoption: Adoption is another alternative to abortion. Unfortunately, the entire process of fostering and adoption is not an easy one. Many women also feel carrying a baby to term and then giving it up is too difficult for them. For others, adoption is a way to offer their baby a better way of life.
  • Financial Aid: It is believed that if women were given more financial and emotional support, the numbers of abortions may drop significantly. Aid in terms of housing or employment can give women the chance to provide a better life for themselves and their children.

Frequently asked questions
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