Home Remedies for Tremors

The following home remedies for tremors and lifestyle changes can help reduce symptoms and provide relief:
  • Avoid caffeine as it increases the adrenaline produced in the body and can aggravate tremors further.
  • Stay away from alcohol or drink very sparingly. Some people report that their tremors reduce after drinking but this is not true. In the long run, alcohol will only worsen the condition and the tremors will return once the effects of the drinks wear off.
  • Stress reduction methods such as yoga, meditation, tai-chi, and deep breathing can help reduce tremors and improve your overall health.
  • Regular exercise also relieves stress and anxiety and may prevent recurring attacks of tremors.
  • Proper sleep is essential to prevent muscle fatigue and exhaustion that can bring about tremors. If you have trouble sleeping or suffer from disturbed sleep, speak to your doctor about medications or other alternative therapies to solve the problem.  
  • Gambir is an herb that is used to treat tremors and convulsions. Popular in ancient Chinese medicine, Gambir is a powerful anti-spasmodic herb that should be consumed in powder form for the best results.
  • Herbal therapy also suggests using Lady’s Slipper – another herb – for the treatment of tremors and epilepsy. It has calming properties and can be had in the form of a tea or a tincture on a daily basis as a treatment for tremors.
  • Homeopathy recommends the use of Arnica for the treatment of tremors. Arnica can calm the nervous system and should be had diluted in water. For the correct dosages of any homeopathic treatment, it is essential that you consult with an experienced homeopath and do not self-medicate.