Treatment for Toxoplasmosis

The treatments for toxoplasmosis are administered when the condition is confirmed. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, the doctor will most probably recommend a dose of antibiotics and other medications that target the parasite. Treatment may not be necessary for those who have a very strong immune system. Generally the immune system is able to take care of the infection on its own. In such cases, the symptoms either do not appear at all, or disappear in a week’s time.

If toxoplasmosis is confirmed in pregnant women, immediate treatment with antibiotics may be required. There are a lot of medications available commercially and these can easily help you overcome the infection. Toxoplasmosis is only treatable using medications. Patients with compromised immune system should be get treatment all through their life. Since the parasite may remain in your body, the medications help keep it suppressed and prevent it from flaring up to cause any symptoms.