Living with Toxoplasmosis

Living with toxoplasmosis is not difficult if you are healthy and have a well-functioning immune system. It is only when you have a damaged or low immune system that you really have to worry about living with toxoplasmosis and managing your life.
In healthy people, the parasite may live in the body without causing any symptoms. However, if you are not particularly healthy, you may have to get yourself screened regularly to avoid any complications that may be caused due to a flare up of the infection.

With medications and therapy, it is easy to keep the parasite suppressed in your body. This means that while the virus remains in the body, it remains dormant and does not cause any specific symptoms that may trouble you. If you have HIV or AIDS or are living with a chronic illness such as cancer, you may have to make an appointment with your doctor and chalk up a lifelong treatment and management program. This would help you keep yourself healthy. This would also help you keep the virus dormant in your body.