Home Remedies for Tetanus

Cuts, abrasions, scrapes and puncture wounds must be washed and cleaned to remove any debris or foreign particles to prevent infection. Washing wounds and cuts with hot water and wiping them clean with a soft clean cloth and applying an anti-septic cream or powder will help prevent infection. Home remedies for tetanus prevention include immersing the injured part of the body in hot water, smearing a raw poultice of ground peach leaves or a poultice of powdered turmeric and hot candle wax on the wound. Hot turpentine is used to apply on the wound as well as to massage the neck, arms and jaw if stiffness is experienced. It must be remembered that the focus of home remedies should be prevention of infection and treatment of symptoms. Once the infection sets in and the toxin produced by the bacteria starts affecting the nerves and the muscles, treatment with antitoxin and tetanus immunoglobulin, combined with antibiotics is vital to prevent fatal consequences. 
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