Prognosis of Septicemia

The prognosis of the person suffering from Septicemia will typically depend upon the underlying health of the individual as well as other factors such as the ability of the body’s system to eradicate the cause of the infection, nature of the poison and the severity of the infection.

Prognosis is highly positive in case of cases wherein the infection has been removed completely from the system. However the prognosis for Septicemia is known to be bleak if there is a high amount of gastro intestinal irritation, coma or delirium has set in or even if the circulation is weak.

It has been observed that newborns, children or the elderly who have been diagnosed with blood poisoning are known to have the highest mortality rates. The prognosis of Septicemia also indicates the possible development of complications in the form of organ damages, loss or dysfunction. In mortality cases on account of Septicemia, death is mostly on account of the dysfunction of multiple organs such as the failure of the lung, liver and kidney.