Prevention of Scarlet Fever

Like most infections, the best home remedies for scarlet fever are effective steps of prevention. These steps make it easier to live with scarlet fever while preventing the spread of the infection. You need to take some simple steps to ensure this:

  • Ensure that your child washes his or her hands properly
  • Avoid sharing items of personal hygiene till the child gets completely better
  • Cover the child's nose and mouth till the infection gets better to avoid the spread through droplets
  • Ensure that the child gets plenty of fluids by way of water, juice and milk. Avoid giving the child aerated drinks
  • Keep a humidifier in the room with the child, to ease his breathing
  • If the throat is irritating the child, keep mild lozenges at hand
  • Warm saltwater gargles might also help ease the throat
  • Ensure that you feed your child comfort food – warm soups and popsicles
  • Keep your child in an irritant-free atmosphere
  • It is also important that the child rests which is something that can be difficult for a sick child to do.
  • Keep his or her favorite toys and books at hand as it will be difficult to keep the child occupied
  • Naps work wonders so try to get your child to nap for some time
Like any infection that spread easily among children, you have to take extra and adequate precautions. Be aware and careful and teach your child necessary steps to be cautious if he or she encounters sick or infected children. 
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