Home Remedies for Scarlet Fever

Like any infection, even with the proper drugs, symptoms will need time to be washed out of the body. Some common home remedies that can be used to control symptoms of scarlet fever are:

  • Soak in a hot bath of ginger to rid the body of bacteria
  • Drink raspberry tea or infusions
  • A combination of cayenne, garlic and yarrow root can help the body fight infection

Strep throat is also a condition that can be mistaken for scarlet fever. Try some home remedies for strep throat if you are unable to immediately seek medical help.

  • Eat soft cooked foods like mashed potato, custards, soups, cooked and mashed cereals, soft fruits, yogurt and ice cream
  • Try saline sprays for relief. Salt water gargles are very beneficial and can immediately provide relief if you are only suffering from strep throat
  • Sage, the herb, can be taken in a tincture or a pill form. It is known to soothe strep throat symptoms
  • Garlic can also prove to be an effective remedy. Its anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties can keep the symptoms of strep throat at bay
  • Nothing like rest and fluids to help your body heal faster
  • Steams with mint or eucalyptus are also very good for the throat.
  • A concoction of apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper can help soothe the throat.
  • Up the intake of fruits with vitamin C and vitamin C supplements to build immunity.
  • Ice cream can be very soothing.

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