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Home remedy for allergic sneezing
suggested by Varadarajan on Saturday, February 23, 2008

Here comes the magical “solution” to stop out of control sneezing: Add a teaspoon of common salt into 2 table spoons of water and boil it. Take an empty bottle of some used nasal dropper (having an ink-filler type dispenser). If you have an empty bottle of an used eye-drop, it would serve the purpose too. Wash it thoroughly in soap water and then rinse in boiled and cooled water. Allow it to dry. Then fill up the bottle with the salt solution and close it with the dispenser. Lie down flat on a bed or on floor without a pillow, with your head touching the bed surface / floor and tilt your chin up. Now with your nostrils facing up, dispense 2 to 3 drops of the salt water using the dispenser into each nostril. Remain so in that position for a while. Bring your chin down and tilt your head to left and right a couple of times so that the salt solution spreads well inside your nostrils. If the sneezing has been severe, you will find mild to strong irritation inside your nose and after a while, you will feel the drops descending into your throat and you can even feel the saltiness. You can get up now. The irritation inside the nose may trigger a fresh bout of sneezing; but don’t worry. You can apply this solution 2 to 3 times a day. Doing it before going to bed at night is the best. I have personally found that I get a definite and palpable improvement within the same day or by the next day. The “out of control” condition cools down to “within control” in a day and “almost normal” condition in the next 2 days.