Treatment for Leukemia

There are a lot of treatment options for those who have leukemia. In a lot of cases, the symptoms of the condition cease to exist on their own and the disease goes into remission. Other typical options for treatments of leukemia include radiation therapy, chemotherapy, bone marrow transplant, targeted therapy, biological therapy and stem cell transplant. However, the treatment you choose for this condition usually depends on many different factors such as the age of the patient, whether the leukemia is acute or chronic, type of leukemia and the presence of leukemia cells in the cerebrospinal fluid.

The doctor, before recommending a treatment plan, also usually takes your health and your specific symptoms into consideration. Once the cancer treatment is successful, the condition goes into remission. Even when the cancer is in remission, people continue to need therapy so that you do not get into relapse.

Most patients with acute leukemia can get completely cured. With the right kind of therapy and continued care, most people are completely cured of leukemia. If you are diagnosed with leukemia but there are no symptoms of the condition, more often than not, you do not need any treatment for the condition. However, treatment needs to be started as soon as the symptoms begin showing.