Prevention from Gonorrhea

Once you have recovered from gonorrhea, you can prevent gonorrhea by incorporating a few but important changes.

  • Remember to practice good hygiene. Keep yourself clean. Wear clean, loose, comfortable cotton clothing. Have a bath regularly and ensure that you clean yourself well. Do not share items of personal hygiene.
  • Avoid unprotected sex, especially someone who is not a part of your everyday life. Use a condom while having sex and use latex condoms as they reduce the risk of contracting diseases even more. A monogamous sexual relationship with one person whom you know is free of STD's is a good idea.
  • Even if the woman is using birth control, condom can be very important to prevent the spread of STDs.    
  • Wash the genital area frequently and keep it clean to avoid viral and any other infections. Wash the genital area with soap and water every after intercourse.
  • Ensure that you eat a balanced diet so that the body builds its immunity to fight infections.