Living with Gonorrhea

If the infection remains untreated, your body will continue to deteriorate. Eventually the infection can spread to the blood and joints, making it completely debilitating.

Even once it has been treated, remember to be aware and acknowledge that there are chances of you contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Insist that your partner use a condom. Just because you have contracted an STD once, does not mean that you will not get it again.

Often the infection lies undiagnosed because of the stigma attached to STDs. Make a conscious effort to get past that. For woman, it could lead to PID. Untreated gonorrhea in men could increase their risk of bladder cancer. It can also lead to infertility and scarring in the urine canal.

Remember to get yourself tested regularly. Insist that your partner also get himself or herself tested. Having untreated gonorrhea also makes you very vulnerable to HIV.

There are also support groups available. Counseling might help you come to terms with the fact that you have had or are in treatment for an STD.